Friday, April 28, 2017


We have so many quakes that we joke about them. Our country is well known for having a strong building code and good engineering, so our infraestructure can resist big earthquakes.

The population is also prepared to face quakes and tsumanis. These are the reasons to have had a low number of casualties even having several seism above 8 degrees Richter.

If you a are a foreigner, dont get scared for this. If you ever are going to face an earthquake, you better be it in Chile, as your chances to be unharmed are higher. Come to live or do business with us, and you will be safe, plus having a lot of stories to tell to your friends abroad.

Chile is a safe country.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014



Beautiful hilly property located in Aysen, near a village owning 500 meter of river shore. Good fishing, on a great Patagonian river. It has an extraordinary vision, very close to Carretera Austral, a paved road crossing from North to South this region. So with access the whole year.

The property has access to a 1.500 meters ( 5,000 feet) mountain located on the back, which covers the western side of the farm. It is a snow capped hill during the winter, like the other properties facing the East. So, it has a wonderful view during fall and winter time. 

By the middle of the mountains run the Rio Mañihuales and the Carretera Austral paved highway. This pic is taken from South to North. 

Vision of Mñihuales village and the location of the farm on the western side of the river.

You may own one kilometer of river shore with no one else passing by. This is a unique and private location, although with easy access the year around.

The neighboring 1.500 meter mountain on the back of the property gives you the wonderful opportunity for hiking, trekking and watch the wilderness of the Patagonia.


The property is sold with private water rights from a creek, for your consumption having enough energy to produce electricity for yourself or for running a lodge. This is a great advantage, because it let you be independent from unfortunately mostly carbon fossil generated Chilean electricity. Then you can be carbon neutral and help to reduce your own fossil fuel emissions. 

This small farm is ideal for a family wishing to retire on the Patagonia, or to have your Cabin to enjoy the wilderness on the opposite season to Northern Hemisphere. From this place, located on the heart of the Patagonia, you can organize all your traveling. 


For those loving the sea,  Puerto Aysen is located only 60 kilometers away ( 40 miles) by paved road, where you can have your boat. From there you can sail down to the sea in Puerto Chacabuco, located only 14 kilometers away. This last place is the main seaport for the area, from where you can travel anywhere by all the channels and fiords. In Puerto Chacabuco some smaller cruise ship dock, like ferry boats that connect with Puerto Montt, and other tourism and fishing boats. So, from the Mañihuales farm, you are located 74 kilometers from the sea by paved road. 


On Aysen there is located the second largest ice fields of Chile, called Campo de Hielo Norte, composed of a several glaciers. It can be accessed by trekking or by sea. Then from this property you can also organize such trips.


Fishing is a must on the Patagonian rivers, where there are so many good spots for fly fishing. Mañihuales river and tens of other rivers are good for fishing.

Besides the sea is so close in Puerto Chacabuco, or also in nearby Puerto Cisnes. This last place is located 110 kilometers away and it is a small fishing village located on the channel called Canal Puyuhuapi. From this place you can sail by the protected channels of this great archipelago containing hundreds of islands, which it is ideal for sailing. There is a unique and exquisite cuisine done out of fish and seafood from these sea waters. There are hundreds of rocky islands, but all of them covered by dense rainforest, making it difficult to cross. 

Rafting by rivers, canoeing by river and kayak on the sea are another option for water lovers.

So, the whole area is a call for adventurous spirits.


In Aysen there are several hot springs, but near Puerto Cisnes it is located Termas de Puyuhuapi, a famous resort having a very cosy lodge. It is on the side of the channel by the sea, and on the middle of the temperate rainforest. Then for more calm and relaxed vacation there are a number of places for visitors.


Near the property is located Parque Nacional Queulat and in front of Puerto Cisnes, is Parque Nacional Isla Magdalena, so there are pristine areas for visiting. Also, Argentina is so close, in no more than 100 kilometers and much less depending in the border pass chosen. So, you can organize your trips to the Argentinian Patagonia easily and enjoy the charm of our neighbors.


This is the Patagonia. Weather can be unpredictable. It rains 1.800 millimeters during the year or 720 inches in Mañihuales where the farm is located. However, if you draw a straight line from East to West, from the Argentinian border to the middle of the archipelago in a small fishing village on an island called Puerto Aguirre, rain may be 300 millimeter on the border line with Argentina and 4.000 millimeters on Puerto Aguirre. The distance from the border is 53 kilometers to Mañihuales and 110 kilometers from Mañihuales to the village of Puerto Aguirre. So, on a very short distance you may have dry, cold, windy climate of the flat Patagonia right on the border with Argentina with little rain and lots of snow. While on the middle of the channels and fiords you can have more than 4 meters of rain. In one spot called Chile Chico, by lake General Carrera, there is an incredible micro climate, where you can harvest fruits from the Mediterranean climate of Central Chile, as tomatoes, peaches, cherries, strawberries, etc, having days with over 30 degrees Celsius. And very close to it, you have the permanent freezing Northern Ice Field with many glaciers.

So, Patagonia is wild. You have must have that on mind. If you enjoy the energy of changing seasons on a short area, having extreme weather conditions, this property is for you.


You can run a small lodge or cabins from this place, having a river for the pleasure of your visitor, so they can sleep hearing the river whispers and walk by the mountain. Then you can organize expeditions to so many attractions offered by Aysen and the Patagonia. This place is ideal for people wanting a smooth stay enjoying birdwatching, trekking, sightseeing, plants and tree observation. And for those avid of adventures there are so many places to go. 

For people wishing some contact with the Community, there is a nearby village with 2.000 inhabitants. This strong river is the natural frontier to be isolated from the people.

Patagonia is rich in many resources, being ecotourism one of its main features. Fresh water is also a huge resource.  There are some specific spots where it can rain even up to 8.000 millimeters per year. The Northern Ice Field is one of the largest reservoirs of fresh water available for mankind out of the Polar caps.

The sea has a great potential, and there are many salmon farms cultivating salmons and trouts on the sea. There are also mussel farms.

For many, Patagonia should be kept pristine as an asset for future generations. It depends mostly on the people choosing to live there.


From this property you are 90 kilometers away from airplanes landing in Coyhaique. Or 140 kilometers from the larger airport of Balmaceda. All of this by paved road in use the year around. The flight time is between 2:20 - 3:20 hrs depending if stops on Puerto Montt.

Also, for travelers enjoying the sea, there is one basic service on a ferry boat with accommodation for passengers from Puerto Montt to Puerto Chacabuco.

If you prefer the road, there is a wonderful scenery to be seeing traveling from Puerto Montt by Carretera Austral road to this farm. It includes one or more crossing by ferry boat, depending on the route used. Mostly paved.

Also you can get into this property arriving by Argentina and crossing by Coyhaique Alto.


This information is given to final clients contacting us. We can organize the whole deal, checking titles, and writing the property purchase contract and securing for you the water rights.

We have experience attending foreign clients, so we understand your needs as foreigner and also we know the legal details of dealing with properties.

We have other properties for sale or we can search privately for you in case you want to purchase a different real estate.

Mobile 56-9-8314 9679

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Chile celebrates 204 years of independence from Spain


On September 18th,  1810 Chile got its independence from Spain.  On that date, citizens from Santiago gathered on an open town hall to choose a Junta or a committee to lead the process. Their aim was to establish a Congress, raise an army, declare free trade and establish relationship with the new born Junta ruling Argentina since May. So, this is the first self-government initiated by Chileans.

(The coat of arms motto: By reason or by force)

The citizens of then were divided among those who wanted to keep being a loyal colony of Spain and those wanting a total independence.  However the forces to get freedom gained dominance until 1814. Then Spanish Army regained control for a short term, and finally they were totally defeated in 1818 and sent away from Chile.

A key role was played by Bernardo O'Higgins as leader of the "Logia Lautarina", The Lautarina Lodge, a type of free mason secret society to fight for the independence of South American countries from Spain. It was founded by the Venezuelan extraordinary character Francisco de Miranda in London, where O'Higgins was studying as well as other children of main figures from Spanish rulers. The main families of Spanish origin sent their children to study in Europe, so they got a more liberal education and open to the new political influences of the French Revolution and the USA independence. In such environment it is amazing the vision of Miranda to gather these young men on their early 20 years old, around 1798-1800. They put into practice the ideas of his mentor since 1810 in all the Spanish countries under the ruling of the Spanish. Men as Simon Bolivar, Andres Bello, Jose de San Martin, Bernardo O'Higgins and many others.

The independence brought new ideas, more culture, more exchange and freedom to travel and to trade. Chile also gave freedom to slaves and their children. This simple writing is my tribute to these great patriots that lighted the freedom torch trough South America.

Saturday, May 24, 2014


A business opportunity open to Expats in Chile.

Small Company having contracts to excavate and move earth in Chile needs financing from investors. There are 5 works to be executed needing a total amount of  US$ 1,000,000.

It is feasible to start investing in just one job or in part of it and get the capital out in a 6 month period. Other works are for a year.  Minimum amount to invest is US$ 20,000. Annual return is 30% over the amount invested.

Santiago, capital of Chile, a city of nearly 6 million people. We invite you to invest on this beautiful location where The Andes are the backyard. You can go skiing on these mountains, and the sea is only 100 kilometers away.

Business opportunity open to expats and foreigners coming to do business in Chile. Experimented Engineers on site, professional management team, full IFRS accounting, fluent in English and Spanish.

More information to be delivered only to foreign investors.
Write to

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Gold Tailing deposits a business opportunity to Social Responsible Investors

We have done exploration in Chile finding several deposits of tailings containing mostly copper and gold. These tailings are a liability for the Communities where they are located, but there is no help from the Government or by the present owners to clean the site. Usually these tailings were left behind several decades ago by past companies, when there were not rules regarding the stage of  closing the mining operations. Actual owners know the potential recovery of metals, so they sell the tailings.

Friday, April 11, 2014


Beyond the blue bottom line, we care for humanity and nature. So we behave on our administration as socially responsible entrepreneurs. We are committed since long assisting education, culture, philosophy and sustainability. We share a percentage of our profits to causes with a purpose as something essential to our vision of life. Our long term target is to share no less than 10% of the profits we produce. If the financing partner doesn't agree with it, then we don't touch his profit share, but,  we the local partners will do it from our side, because we care for the country where we live.  Also, if an investor is interested, we can develop or assist together a good cause outside of Chile.


We are a small country of 17 million people, producing nearly US$ 300 billion per year in GDP, the 5th economy in South America and ranked 36 in the world by the International Monetary Fund. It  is the first in all Latin America, in  GDP per capita - PPP with US$ 18.945.

During the last 20 years our average annual growth rate has been 5,2 % the highest in South America for such a long period. The unemployment rate is 6,2% and the inflation has been steady under 5% annual during many years.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014



What is the rol of businessmen in a growing shortage of natural resources? In my opinion businessmen have more responsibilities than in the past. The reason is that having the control of resources, you can control the lives of many. In the past there were many alternatives for resources in other nations or within your own country.  Presently, the sea is producing less fish and seafood and it is more costly in energy and food to produce them through farms. Wild populations on the sea, feed themselves. We just have to collect them. The same is happening with all resources. It is more expensive in human energy to have more fresh water, to have more oil, to have more coal, to have more lumber, it is costing more to produce anything.

In Chile, we just had two strong earthquakes this past week ( 8,2 and 7,6 Ritcher) , and then people value what you loose and you give for granted daily. Fresh water, a toilet, electricity, a roof to live, safety, life itself, and the life of your loved ones.  No other assets were more relevant. Do developed countries need huge disasters to value properly the main assets of life?

Friday, March 21, 2014


We strongly believe that successful companies can share with the Community and the environment a portion of its profits. Some advocates of the State, prefer that companies pay taxes instead of giving money to non profit causes. Their argument is that politicians  may decide better than us where to allocate resources collected from taxes.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

South America is an opportunity open to Socially Responsible Investors (SRI)

South American nations  are rich in natural resources, while modern developed nations have under total threat the availability of them in their homeland.


If South American nations follow the traditional path to development used by Europe, China, USA, and other Asian countries, we will consume our resources long before becoming a developed nation. I don't have data, but clearly a part of the growth of the most sophisticated nations is due to buying cheap natural resources from South America during XX century up to now. Spain become a super power during two - three centuries due the supplies of gold and other materials from America on Colonial times ( 1500-1800). Portugal and other empires benefited from the same.

Thursday, March 14, 2013



Mine containing fine gold on the range of 20 grams per tone, is seeking financing. It is a small mine containing inferred 20.000 gold ounces, to be exploited on a 5 year period. It is a small scale production to avoid larger impact on the environment. At a estimated price of US$ 1.300 the gold ounce, there is a potencial of US$ 26.000.000 in resources. Profits from these sales are US$ 13.000.000 to be collected on a 5 year period.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Since I started this blog in 2007 ( 6 years ago) we have advanced a great deal.

We started very small but we own today ( February 2013) around  3.000 hectares in 13 mining properties having gold and copper.

Our mining equity exceeds by far US$ 20 million. 

We participate in mining in 5 areas:

1. Exploration. Our main strength is to able to discover resources.
2. Exploitation. We expect to start production in April 2013 of a small, tiny gold mine. Late in 2013 or early in 2014 we will start a new mine producing copper and gold.
3. Trading of minerals, tailings and slags.
4. Consultancy in strategic negotiations between small or medium size miners dealing with large international mining companies.
5. Services: We have provided  services to other companies as building mining roads, and the like.

Monday, February 22, 2010



Chile is well known for being leader in world copper production. International large mining companies are established in Chile. However there is room for small and medium size investors to enter in a profitable business on smaller scale. The advantage of these business, is that they are running or they take less time to put them into operation. Within a few months they are selling, if they are not already doing it at a minor scale.

However Chile is more than copper. There are good opportunities producing other metals as gold, silver and manganese ore, besides iron ore.

There is a strong demand for minerals from many sources.

Monday, April 27, 2009


The financial crisis starting this recession is just the smoke of a big, huge fire. While the smoke really bothers firefighters, none of them will be confused on fighting just the smoke: they got to find the focus of the fire.

I hope our policy makers around the world are better firemen than risk experts as they failed to prevent the fire from starting. They failed as risk planners.

The real fire keeps going on steady under and above our feet. It is global warming, climate change, melting of ice caps, melting of glaciers on all mountains around the world, it is unsustainable business practices everywhere. This is the real fire.

Gold price in year 208 and 2009

Gold price per ounce (31,10 grams) has had rising values during the last three years. Quite different from the path of most of other tools of investment as copper and many other commodities. Not to mention the stocks markets and all of its products, which had caused big losses around the world.

People investing in gold had enjoyed of profits on the middle of 2008-2009 chaos. Realize by yourself watching the following prices.


per ounce

2007 $ 695,37
2008 $ 871,96
2009 $ 904,48 ( up to April 24)

per kilo

2007 $ 22.357,31
2008 $ 28.034,16
2009 $ 29.079,71 ( up to April 24)

per gram

2007 $ 22,36
2008 $ 28,03
2009 $ 29,08 ( up to April 24)

You can read everything about gold price statistics :

Many analysts expects the price to reach US$ 1.500 per ounce or US$ 48.226,12 per kilogram or US$ 48,22 per gram, by the end of 2009 as the economic forecast have shadows due to the large debts governments are obtaining to rescue their economies. So there are serious concerns about inflation and harsh times for governments to meet the payment of such liabilities. So gold will have a strong demand for quite a long time to stay away from currency inflation and instability of other investment instruments.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Gold and the world economic recession in 2008-2009

The recession is an effect of an economic crisis based on the large unbalance on the Planet overall sustainability. When a person works too much and he doesn't provide the needed rest to his body not paying attention to the body signals as stress, or minor aches, then the body develops a flu or an illness that send the person to bed or may be worse, to the hospital or to a surgery. So, the patient has gotten obligated rest to restore the balance lost on his extreme economic production effort.

The same is happening with humanity today. We haven't heard many signs of depletion of natural resources. For decades many governments and leaders denied the global warming and the climate change. Today most of us are beginning to realize the chaotic effects that Nature will cause to the human civilization to restore in part the sustainability.

So, the present recession is just one small flu or a cold attained by humanity to pay attention to stop the depletion of nature. Then the recession is most likely a "cold" or a tool to happen again and again until the civilized community carry on a more balanced pattern of development. A "cold" to diminish our global warming of natural resources.

Then clearly, the value of many assets is going to change. The value of companies is going to change. The value of wealth or what is understood for wealth is going to change.

While this happens, there is no doubt many will hold to one of the long term definition of wealth: Gold.

So I foresee a strong demand for gold. Not just for financial reasons, but most importantly due to economic reasons. Our financial crisis is just the sneeze of the cold gotten by humanity. It is not the real illness.

Humanity is ill of unsustainability. The civilization is ill of that. So, General Motors, banks and companies based on the XX century pattern are going to diminish its value permanently. Unless they reinvent themselves becoming a real new companies offering solutions to the new economy emerging in between the giants of the past. Otherwise they are going to die. Nature tores down the old beautiful and productive trees, once they are not any more productive. They become rotten and the winds of nature destroys them to assist the growth of new trees. So, this recession is going to destroy some extraordinary and productive mammoths, to leave room to the new ideas to the new generation of creative people.

New and old investors are needed to fund the new trends, so we may have a more balanced development. Gold is just a tool to avoid some hard looses during the turmoil of changing the value of world assets.

I don`t want to extend this post more, but the causes of this recession are totally different than the World Depression of 1929-30. So, the cure of the illness is totally different.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


  • Copper US$ 37.559 millions
  • Molybdenium 3.826
  • Gold 574
  • Iron 402
  • Nitrate & Idione 407
  • Silver 454
  • Litium 186
  • Salt 32
  • Other mining prod. 241

Monday, April 14, 2008


Chile is by far the nation most open to foreign trade in Latin America, and one of the most liberal economies in the world. This keynote has been actually a feature of Chile, interrumpted from 1930 to 1974, where the economy was closed to the world. After the Great Depression of the 1930's hit badly Chile, and the whole of Latin American countries, the governments of these nations, started an economic policy protecting local industries. So, high duties and very expensive barriers helped to develop new industries and more employment. But by the end of 1960's social problems, poverty, uneymployment and unstability were causing political struggles in many Latin American countries. Just producing for the domestic market wasn't enough to raise the standar of living of the common people.

Then after 44 years of a closed economy, Chile leaded the way in Latin America to return to the path of free trade, starting in 1974 reducing duties and taxes. In 2008, after 34 years of a road open to the world, the average duty to importation doesn't exceed 6% (six per cent). Some trade agreements have cero duty. There isn't any tax to exportations.

There are several trade agreements with the most important nations of the world economy.

Free Trade Agreements

United States
Central America
South Korea

Association Agreements

The European Union
New Zealand

Complementation Agreements

Mercosur ( Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay)

Partial Scope Agreements

India ( Eventual Free Trade Agreement on the next years)

China and Chile sign trade agreement

Monday, April 14, 2008
El Mercurio Online

BEIJING.- China and Chile have signed a trade agreement to allow mutual investments in areas such as Information Technology, mining and ecological industries.

According to a statement posted on the website for the Chinese Ministry of Trade on Sunday night, the agreement will allow 23 companies belonging to the Chinese service industry to invest in Chile.

The treaty also gives Chinese companies access to the Chilean market in 37 industrial sectors, including law, real estate and engineering.

The agreement was signed after Chilean President Michelle Bachelet met with her Chinese counterpart, Hu Jintao, during a ceremony at a regional economic forum being held in the southern province of Hainan.

The new alliance expands on the previous free trade agreement reached between China and Chile in 2005, which was the first the Asian nation had signed with a Latin American country. Bilateral trade between the two nations has grown by 65%, reporting a total of 14.7 billion dollars last year.

Monday, March 17, 2008


World trend for year 2008 is to have a turmoil on financial markets which is an opportunity to take the lead on physical assets.

In Numerology 2008 is a year 10 or "one". Which means this is a year to lead, to take initiative. Also is a year to exercise will, the power to change things. Then there may be an overall trend to rotate or to move fixed status to a new state. We could use this energy by our own motivation, or either society or nature will break some of the rigid concepts.
The idea is we lead the changes or we suffer them. Companies, organizations are going to face big challenges during year 2008, as well as individuals. In case we don't take the lead, we are going to be forced to do so on next years when the year energies will tend to move reality into other directions.
From an inner point of view, year 2008 is a good starting point for a 9 year cycle ending on year 2016. It is a good time to put into action our more treasured plans. Spiritually year 2008 will push us to develop will, so this may be developed for our own decision making, or also trough illness, accidents, trouble solving emergencies, etc, elements pushing our will to come out from within ourselves.
So, in my personal reading of year 2008, many individuals will act unconsciously on the direction mentioned, putting troubles to other people, so this last individuals are forced to empower themselves.
So, no wonder we may face big challenges on the very structure of modern society as capital structure on companies, it means stock. Shaken like an earthquake. The result of this shakes will be carried over several years.
Naturally we have three ways to act and to perceive these effects.
a. A Universal action
b. A normal action
c. An underdeveloped way of action

But these concepts exceed this brief article. However, option three are violent actions motivated by greed, tyranny and shellfiness without any concern by law & justice, like hostile takeovers. When this happen, we suffer the consequences or we have a rebirthing like a Fenix.

So, the outcome of year 2008 basically depends on our decision making, but if we think is just enough to hold possessions or to avoid taking risk, you may encounter troubles on the next years, because many individuals will be pushed to take new positions. They are taking risks this year.
Whatever you do, or other do to you, remind that your real gain should be WILL, developing your inner power. This year 2008 is a good campground to exercise your inner strength, one of your most needed resources to compose your wealth for the next 9 year cycle.
Remember this wonderful sentence. " Where there is will, there is a road". Year 2008 is a good opportunity to develop your will. Then your new road will be clear for you for many years to come.